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ClearView specializes in real life simulation of electric and gas RC helicopters
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If you are a fanatic of airplane modelling, then you will enjoy and spend many hours with this great simulator. ClearView is a flight simulator of aircrafts and helicopters controlled by radio control. You will be able to control these amazing flying toys by using your keyboard, any Windows game pad, and a real radio transmitter connected with a special USB cable. The real sceneries you will find in this amazing simulator are scanned photos, and with an excellent movement of the aircrafts through the scenery, you will really feel like if you were piloting a real modelling airplane.

Some key features of ClearView are:
- Aircrafts and helicopters are very realistic 3D graphics. You will even will be able to hear the machine sounds when is ready to flight, and see the smoke that their motors let them flow thorough the air.
- You will be able to record a flight and watch it later to what where your mistakes while you were flying.
- You can set up the zoom mode. 25, 39, 50 degrees or custom view can be easily set up on the main menu. The camera mode selection can be also be selected among Direct Camera, Ground in view, and Dynamic Camera.
- You will be able to flight aircrafts and helicopters.

There are other great features that are not available in the trial version.

Daniel Mantilla
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